PASADENA, Calif. — California Assemblymember Chris Holden of the 41st District has sponsored the College Athlete Protection Act- a bill calling for revenue sharing in California’s Division One collegiate sports.

A former college athlete, Holden laid out the objectives of AB 252.

  • This bill specifically calls for a state program paid by colleges to:
  • identify and enforce safety standards,
  • certify college athletic agents,
  • ensure transparency in recruiting and enforce the act,
  • provides whistleblower protections,
  • mandatory reporting of suspected safety violations,
  • establishes an NCAA Division One athletic compensation and incentive degree completion fund,
  • protects funding for all sports,
  • requires Title IX transparency

Holden drafted the bill with input from the National College Players Association.

Elisha Guidry is a Southern California native.

After playing football for UCLA and graduating with a degree, he is now finishing his eligibility playing as a graduate transfer for San Jose State.  

Elijah became interested in joining the NCPA and advocating for student athlete reform at the onset of the pandemic. Guidry says he has the ambition to improve rights for college athletes, and he feels his advocacy over the past three years comes to fruition with the introduction of the College Athlete Protection Act. 

“It’s great being here and being able to change college sports forever with this opportunity,” said Guidry.

Next, the College Athlete Protection Act will be introduced to California house and senate committees. With success and support among committees, the bill will travel to the governor’s desk.