LOS ANGELES — Wide receiver Beaux Collins has spent the majority of his life running.

"I used to run around the house mimicking Reggie Bush," he said.

What You Need To Know

  • St. John Boscoe football prospect Beaux Collins will sign with Clemson Wednesday

  • The nationally-ranked prospect is one of the school's five student-athletes who will be signing their national letters of intent

  • The pandemic has forced the cancelation or postponement of all CIF high school football in California

As one of Southern California's top high school football players, Beaux will put pen to paper Wednesday as part of college football's early signing period. The receiver is a special talent — hardworking, determined, and with natural ability — a player who is a step ahead of the rest.

In fact, as his parents, D'Andre and April, have said Beaux has always had his eyes fixed to the future.

"We actually have a picture of him at day care, where he put blocks under his shirt to make it like shoulder pads," said D'Andre.

"He’s never been a follower," said April. "He’s just always been a leader."

Beaux's leadership is a characteristic that certainly came into play this year more than ever. Despite his competitive nature, Beaux hasn't been able to compete on the football field at all this year. The pandemic forced the cancelation or postponement of all CIF high school football in California, meaning Beaux was faced with the tough choice between graduating early or waiting for an uncertain season.

His ultimate decision was to get a jump start on his college career.

“I had reached the highest point that any high school player could reach," Beaux said. “I feel like heading over to Clemson is getting me closer to the main goal that I want to accomplish.”

His parents couldn't help but agree, noting that it'd be different if they were in somewhere like Georgia where they're playing football — but here in California, enrolling early will give Beaux an advantage. Not only will it set him up athletically, but academically as well.

"Like we know pandemics can happen, sports don’t happen," said D'Andre. "But guess what? You still continue your education.”

It's a decision that will put Beaux in the best position for his future, but a bittersweet one nonetheless.

“I think about that a lot and I try to enjoy the moments as they’re coming to an end," he said. "I’m going to miss the brotherhood. They are just family.”

As he makes it official on Wednesday, alongside four of his teammates, Beaux is confident he will never forget where he came from as he sets foot into this next chapter.