LOS ANGELES – It wasn’t too long ago that students all over Southern California were dancing during recess at school. It was James Howell leading the charge.

He is a former Olympian and an instructor with CF Fitness. Howell and his team of coaches provide structured recess for thousands of students in multiple school districts in Southern California.

What You Need To Know

  • Games teachers and kids can do from home

  • Developed by a former Olympian

  • Fitness using everyday in-house materials

  • Teachers turning to innovative ways to stay in touch

“You say you’ll pay me to play with some kids. I said oh yeah, it’s a no brainer. It’s show time,” Howell said. “We developed different innovative games that excite the children to come out there and play with the coaches.”

But with kids all at home because of the coronavirus, educators have had to adapt and so has CF Fitness. They have now developed games teachers and kids can do from home. The games like balloon tennis, space jump, and more. Taking it from the playground indoors, all using everyday in-house materials.


“Now they’re able to get their P.E. minutes. California has mandated hours. So, this makes it easier,” Howell said. “Kids are able to play the games they would play on the playground indoors so it’s a win for all parties.”

The teachers and kids at home have been creative and responsive to the at home adaptations.


“When they get to see their favorite coach, they see on a regular basis before this COVID-19 hit, virtually, I mean their hearts and faces light up,” Howell said.

Until they can see the kids in person again, they will keep fun and fitness going all through the power of technology.