INGLEWOOD, Calif. – The City of Inglewood and the Inglewood Baseball Fund partnered to open a new baseball and softball training center inside Darby Park.

A ceremonial first pitch is an honor for Carly of Overwright Middle School.

“It means that people are actually looking at me and saying oh she’s just a girl she can’t do anything," says Carly. "And when you show people your abilities, they’re going to be wowed.”

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The 4,200-square-foot facility offers a 70’ by 16’ batting cage and space for bullpen sessions.

Previously, kids in Inglewood had to drive 20 minutes out of their neighborhood to find a place to practice. With the opening of the Training Center at Darby Park, that is no longer the case. 

“It means a lot, because instead of going to practice three times a week you can put in extra work at this training facility,” said Carly.   

The training center is new to her routine, but 11-year-old Carly is already guessing that she will be here two times a day, the park is only five minutes from her home.

The Inglewood Baseball fund is increasing accessibility and also growing the games.

Carly wants to help others follow in her footsteps.

"I would like to accomplish just teaching younger women how to play the game," said Carly.  

The Training Center at Darby Park is funded by a lead grant from the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation and private donations to the Inglewood Baseball Fund.