This for sure isn’t baseball but it looks like Los Angeles Angels outfielders are moving and communicating together. It’s fun, it’s different. And that’s just it… veteran pitcher Tyler Skaggs has noticed that this year things are different.

  • Former catcher in first season as Angels manager
  • Perspective as former player helps him communicate
  • Two-fold approach demands focus and fun from players

Brad Ausmus is in his first spring training as Manager of the Los Angeles Angels. As for his philosophy? Well it’s not complicated.

“Play the game the right way, respect the people around you, and win the championship,” said Ausmus.

Following him around at batting practice, Ausmus wants to be everywhere and with three fields of action going on, he moves quickly.

He played 18 years in the league as a catcher, and having squatted behind home plate for so many years, he’s got perspective that helps him work with his guys

Ausmus stresses communication, and as he checks in on drills, he's constantly talking to his guys. Things don’t necessarily work that way with his two daughters.

“If texting counts, then yeah having two daughters helps,” Ausmus jokes.

As the new man in charge continues to shape the culture of his clubhouse this spring, this is what he wants to see in practice.

“I just want the guys to have two things on their mind. One this is important work , take it seriously, and two, have some fun.”

The answer is to the point, but Ausmus hopes that focus and fun in March will mean that for the first time since 2014, the Los Angeles Angels will be playing come October.