Bree Steffen joined the Spectrum News team as a multimedia journalist in September 2021.

Originally from Kansas, Bree moved to California in 2015 and absolutely loves it.

Bree is a six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, who has also won an Edward R. Murrow award for her reporting on California wildfires and a Silver Telly award as a field producer for the environmental documentary “Sh*t Saves the World.” At Spectrum News, Bree focuses on environmental, conservation, science, and social justice issues; she believes great storytelling can be educational, inspirational, and memorable. She loves to learn about the world around her and share what she finds to help her audience live positively.

When Bree isn’t reporting, you might find her hiking or rock climbing. Her favorite movie is “Free Solo,” and she watches it every New Year’s Eve to inspire her to seize the upcoming year. If you pay attention while Bree is reporting, you may even notice her arms tattooed with tributes to Joshua Tree and Yosemite national parks. 

You can reach out to Bree via Instagram @BreeSteffenStories, Twitter @BreeSteffen, Facebook at Bree Steffen Stories, or email her at