Susan Carpenter is a national digital journalist for Spectrum News based in Los Angeles. She joined Spectrum in 2020.

Raised in Michigan, she got her journalism degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and started her professional life in Chicago, Illinois. She now considers herself a true Southern Californian, having resided on the West Coast for half her life. The journalism projects she’s most proud of are the ones that help people better understand difficult subjects that affect their lives.

Susan has always loved being part of the media world. She got her media start as a radio operator running the country’s largest unlicensed radio station – KBLT – out of her apartment in Silver Lake for three years. That story is chronicled in her book, "40 Watts from Nowhere," which was turned into an experiential play in early 2023 that was featured on Spectrum News 1 SoCal and will also be made into a documentary. Prior to joining Spectrum News, she worked as a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, a feature reporter for the NPR-affiliate KPCC, and a contributor to the New York Times and Marketplace.

A former motorcycle and car critic, Susan is a regular contributor to "Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen," where she talks about everything from electric vehicles and traffic safety issues to new laws and groundbreaking technologies. She also reports regularly about the environment and affordable housing.

When Susan isn’t out reporting, you might find her walking in the arroyo with friends or in the dog park with her corgi. She loves coffee and live music, too. You can find her on X (formerly Twitter), @CarponWheels, and on Instagram @SusanCarpenterInLA.