CULVER CITY, Calif. (CNS) — Antisemitic flyers were distributed in a Culver City neighborhood earlier this week, and an investigation is underway, police said Tuesday.

“The incident involved the distribution of an antisemitic hate publication in one Culver City neighborhood,” the Culver City Police Department said in a statement on Tuesday.

A number of residents called the police department early Monday morning regarding the flyers, and “13 copies of this publication were found,” police said.

“This publication was produced by a known hate group who has distributed similar hate materials in surrounding cities,” police said. “The Culver City Police Department condemns all forms of hate, and we stand in solidarity with our Jewish community.

“We will utilize all resources available to us to fully investigate this matter and bring any criminal offenders that are identified to justice. We are working diligently with our community partners, neighboring agencies and other law enforcement partners on this incident.

“Any criminal activity that is discovered as a result of this investigation will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for criminal filing consideration,” the statement added.

Anyone with information on the case was urged to call Culver City police Sgt. Eddie Baskaron at 310-253-6316, or the watch commander at 310-253- 6202.