SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — A San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy was shot and wounded Tuesday while stopping a car and authorities were searching for the shooter.

The 27-year-old deputy was trying to pull over a car shortly after 4 p.m. in San Bernardino when he apparently was shot while rounding a corner, Sheriff Shannon D. Dicus said at a news conference.

The deputy radioed that he was shot and needed backup.

He appeared to have superficial injuries to his face and “some type of shrapnel in his arm," the sheriff said.

“I visited with the deputy myself," Dicus said. “The deputy is in good spirits. He's coherent and talking and surrounded by his family."

“It looks like he’s going to come through this OK,” Dicus said.

Other details of how the shooting occurred, including why the deputy tried to stop the car, were under investigation by San Bernardino police, since it occurred in that city east of Los Angeles, the sheriff said.

The deputy had about four years with the department, Dicus said.

News reports showed a burned sheriff’s SUV with shattered windows at the site. The sheriff said the cause of that fire also was under investigation.