LOS ANGELES — When California voters decide Gov. Gavin Newsom’s fate as part of a special gubernatorial recall election next month, they will be able to cast their votes using the same ballot drop boxes the LA County Registrar installed for last November’s Election Day.

About half of November’s votes were cast through the county’s 400 ballot drop boxes, according to the Registrar.

Here’s what you need to know about using a ballot drop box to vote in the Sept. 14 recall election.

Is voting for the gubernatorial recall election any different from last November’s presidential election?

Voting options will be the same as in last November’s election. All registered voters will receive a vote by mail ballot. There will be ballot drop boxes, as well as vote centers. However, what’s on the ballot will be different.

Voters will have two questions on the ballot: 1) Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor? 2) Candidates to succeed Gavin Newsom as Governor if he is recalled (followed by a list of candidates to select from).

What are the different methods for people to cast their ballots Sept. 14?

Every registered voter will be sent a vote by mail ballot. Mailing begins on August 16. Voters can return their ballots by mail; no postage is required. They can also return their completed ballot at a ballot drop box (beginning Aug. 16) or at any vote center (beginning Sept. 4).

Does the LA Registrar recommend any one method over another because of COVID and the delta variant?

Voters are encouraged to participate by returning their vote by mail ballot. In-person voting options will be available. Voters who go in person should take advantage of early voting.

When can voters use the ballot drop boxes?

The ballot drop boxes are currently locked, but they will be opened Aug. 16 — the same day the LA Registrar begins mailing vote by mail ballots. They can cast their ballots through Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. 

When using the drop boxes, what should voters double check before casting their ballots?

Before dropping off a vote by mail ballot, voters should make sure they have placed their filled-out ballot card in the official return envelope and securely sealed it.

They will also need to sign and date the back of the envelope.

For people who vote with the drop boxes, when are their ballots counted?

Ballots received prior to Election Day will make it into the Election Night count. Ballots received on Election Day will be processed, verified and counted in the official canvass period.

Are ballot drop boxes secure?

Yes. They are bolted into cement or chained in place to keep them secure. The ballots are picked up regularly by two election workers. The county also works with law enforcement agencies, cities, local stakeholders and community-based organizations to monitor and safeguard all boxes.

Is there a way to track a ballot cast for the gubernatorial election through a drop box?

Yes. Voters can track the mailing of their ballot with the Where’s my Ballot tool on the lavote.net web site.

Where can I find more information about voting in September’s recall?

The LA County Registrar website: lavote.net.