ANAHEIM, Calif. – Normally the Anaheim Ducks mascot is hyping up crowds in the Honda Center, but with no fans in his home arena, Wild Wing set a new example for the public.  

The larger than life duck demonstrated the process many in-person voters will be able to go through at the Honda Center from October 30 to November 3.

The Honda Center will transform into one of the largest vote centers in Orange County, with a capacity of serving up to 1,000 voters in a single day.

“It’s an iconic Orange County location, easy off the freeway, great parking and we’re going to do something here that we’re not doing at any other vote center and that’s drive through voting,” said Neal Kelley with the Registrar of Voters.


Located right off the freeway, the plan is to make voting at the center as convenient and safe as possible.

The location will offer drive through voting, along with a drop-off ballot option.

For in-person voters, the inside offers a space about 10 times larger than any other voting center.

Machines will be placed following social distancing rules, and the facility has received accreditation as a sanitary operation to provide voters a safe and secure opportunity.

For more information, call 714-567-7600 or visit