WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hollywood meets D.C. as actress and climate change activist Jane Fonda rallied other celebrities to protest in Washington for several Fridays in a row.

Now, she is inspiring other Californians to join her movement in the state. Fonda is bringing what she calls Fire Drill Fridays to the golden state.

Several Californians who rallied alongside Fonda in D.C. said there is a bigger reason they are proud she is bringing her star power to climate change.

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“I mean I’m worried that there’s a lot of other stuff going on right now that’s really taking the attention away,” said Julia Paluch, a San Juan Capistrano resident.

Paluch said Hollywood stars aren’t a bad way to bring attention to climate change outside of the Capitol, especially with the contentious climate inside with impeachment. She made sure to join Fonda’s last climate change protest in D.C., not only learn more but to get more motivated.

“I think it’s important to have people that you’ve looked up to before and people who have the power and the money to get arrested and do all this civil disobedience stuff,” said Paluch.

Hundreds of people protested, some willing to get arrested, like Fonda, who has been taken in time and time again.

Paluch said it's inspiring that Fonda, an Academy, Golden Globe, and Primetime Emmy award-winning actress, is able to rally together the younger and older generations.

She said it’s admirable to see others like Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen out, bringing awareness to the natural disasters that are hitting closer and closer to home.

“California is going to be one of the places that’s going to be really affected by climate change,” said Paluch. “I hope there is going to be a change.”

Paluch said she hopes this enthusiasm will bring new bills to Congress.

That last day led to Jane Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix, and Martin Sheen getting arrested among other celebrities.

Although Fire Drill Fridays are ending in D.C., they are coming to Los Angeles next. Fonda says the next protest will be in LA on February 7, and then every first Friday of the month after that.

If you wish to take part you can text JANE to 877877.