President Trump could join a club even more exclusive than Mar Largo; “The House of Impeachment,’” where he could end up sharing a cocktail with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

Richard Nixon almost joined them too but he got in a helicopter and went somewhere else before they got him.

In this Virtually Rick we answer a rather important question: “Impeachment! What the heck is that?”

It starts at the Nation’s Capitol building, in the House of Representatives, where Congress can set up an inquiry and investigate. Or, they can just vote on what the president is charged with;the Articles of impeachment.

And they only have to get a majority vote on one of the articles or charges. Which then means that the president is impeached.

Game over right? Not exactly.

Basically, it’s just a bunch of your peers saying, “Whoops! You’ve been a bit naughty and we’re going to tell the grownups, now!”

The grownups in this case are in the U.S. Senate.

This is where it all gets a bit serious as they then hold an actual trial and everyone votes as to whether they believe the president should be convicted.

If two-thirds of the Senators vote that way then President Trump could hear his own catchphrase shouted back at him - and he’d be removed from office.

But that’s presuming the Republicans let it get that far. They control the Senate and they could decide in a vote to dismiss the trial without even hearing a single word of evidence.

Either way, in this case it’s a high-wire act for the Democrats.

If they can’t convict, they could galvanize the presidents supporters and give a boost to his run for office in 2020.

Remember -- no president has ever been removed from office through impeachment. But each impeachment has left the political process scarred and the country even more divided. 

In the end it will be registered voters who decide whether it was all worth it, when they let their elected leaders know what they think of them at the ballot box in 2020.