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Renee Eng was born and raised in California. Originally from Apple Valley, she now resides in Santa Monica. Renee is a UCLA graduate, and she has an MBA from the Anderson School of Management. Before becoming a journalist, Renee pursued a career in entertainment on the other side of the camera doing marketing for a movie studio. 

As a passionate journalist, Renee loves meeting people from all over SoCal, getting to know them, and exploring the issues that matter to them. Of all the people Renee has met and the stories she's covered, one thing has stood out to her -- people from all walks of life tend to have much more in common than first meets the eye. For Renee, being able to explore various stories and issues at Spectrum News 1 is something she considers a privilege.

When Renee's not at work, she's spending her time outdoors. From surfing to snowboarding, Renee never takes California's diverse landscape for granted. When Renee's not on the mountains or in the ocean, it's a safe bet to assume she's hitting the food trucks on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.