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Rick Adams may hail from the land of the Royal Family, but he has spent some of the most important years of his life in Southern California. Rick’s favorite thing about it? A good deli with a menu the length of a novel & a bowl of soup you can swim in! Oh and that amazing thing not often available in the UK, called “Sunshine”.

Now at Spectrum News 1, he’s lucky enough to develop new ways of telling stories and explaining complex concepts with Virtual Reality using his skills as an illustrator. The most meaningful story he’s covered featured Brooke Ellison, the first-ever quadriplegic to graduate from Harvard. Brooke later went on to become a professor and help invent a solar-powered generator that gave thousands of people in Haiti access to electricity – a shining example of what can be done with sheer willpower and a lot of heart.

When not at work, you can find Rick immersing himself in sunscreen so he doesn’t explode into flames and giving back to the community in another way – through teaching yoga and meditation.