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Lisa McRee has lived in the same SoCal community for the past two decades. She’s a true lover of the Los Angeles area, and even during her stint in NYC, she couldn’t wait to return to the Golden State.

Lisa’s vibrant career includes helping to launch ABC News "World News Now" in 1992. Not long after that, she joined the "Good Morning America" team as co-host. Today, Lisa anchors "LA Times Today" on Spectrum News 1.

As a five-time Emmy Award winner, Lisa is no stranger to award-winning reporting. Of her many decorated stories, her report titled “War Stories from Ward 7-D,” remains her most meaningful. It chronicled the dramatic stories of four veterans of the Iraq War who were treated at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Polytrauma Unit. This story inspired Lisa’s ongoing passion for veterans and their families, which is shown through the volumes of volunteer work she does today. She also won the coveted DuPont Columbia Award for reporting and producing this story.  

Believe it or not, Lisa and her husband met on a blind date. Fast forward through their marriage of more than 20 years, and they are now the proud parents of two children. In their free time, you can catch the family brushing up on their history trivia or searching for the best restaurant in LA.