FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — The deadline to submit public comment on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposed federal standards for “forever chemicals” is approaching on June 12. The rule would set the first national drinking water standard for six PFAS chemicals, which stand for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. These manmade toxic substances are widely used in different consumer, commercial and industrial products and persist in the environment over time, according to the EPA, and studies have shown that long-term exposure to PFAS may lead to serious health issues.

We head over to the Orange County Water District where Jason Dadakis, the executive director of water quality and technical resources, discusses the agency’s efforts to address PFAS contamination over the past few years.

We also hear from Scott Bartell, a UC Irvine professor of environmental and occupational health, on the significance of the EPA’s proposal and what consumers can to do reduce their exposure to PFAS.