MADISON, Wis. — Disturbing video was released last week by the Memphis Police Department of motorist Tyre Nichols being beaten, kicked and pepper sprayed by police officers.

Five officers were fired and are now charged in the death of Nichols. A sixth officer was disciplined.

As many watched the actions of Memphis officers on their television screens Friday evening, Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes called it a set back for his department.

What You Need To Know

  • Five Memphis police officers fired and charged in death of motorist Tyre Nichols

  • A sixth officer was disciplined in the case

  • Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes called it a step back for his department in its efforts to build trust with the community

  • Chief Barnes said the police department's relationships with the community is its currency, "that's how we are able to reduce crime, that's how we are able to make people feel safe... "


"We've been doing a great job reconnecting with our community post 2020. And when these incidents happen it really sets us back a little bit," Barnes said.

Protestors were out Sunday in Madison; Barnes said it's just one example that points to the fact more work needs to be done.

"We're fully committed to having a police department that's transparent, and we know that trust is built on every single call, every single interaction we have," Barnes explained.

Watch the full interview with Shon Barnes above.