GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — The Democratic Congressional Campaign committee announced earlier this year it would make a seven-figure investment to reach Asian voters in California.

The Republican National Committee has opened several Asian Pacific American community centers across Orange County to recruit volunteers for voter outreach to support its party’s candidates.

Analysts says the newly drawn 45th Congressional District, which includes portions of Los Angeles and Orange counties, is one of the districts that could potentially flip the house.

Nancy Yap from Center For Asian Americans United For Self-Empowerment discusses the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization's efforts in voter engagement.

Cal State Fullerton professor Jennifer Yee, who teaches Asian American studies and a civic engagement class, discusses why there has been a focus on the Asian vote for the midterm elections.

Political and civic engagement consultant Jackie Wu talks about the demographics of the CD 45 and the potential for the voters in the district to be a swing vote.

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