LOS ANGELES — A new ballot measure could create safer, greener and more efficient streets in Los Angeles.

Healthy Streets LA would implement the city’s mobility plan when a road is repaved.

Adriane Hoff is an advocate for street safety who is volunteering her time at least three days a week to get signatures for the new transportation measure. She hit the line outside The Wiltern because she can walk there. Hoff was actually car-free for eight years until six months ago, because she no longer felt safe biking around the city.

“Now, I have debt. I’m contributing to climate change and traffic, but I started driving for the same reasons everyone doesn’t want to bike in the city,” Hoff said.

She knows too many friends who were injured while cycling to work or for fun, which is why she supports the Healthy Streets LA measure sponsored by Streets for All. The measure, if passed, will require the city to implement their already created mobility plan whenever the city repaves a street.

“That would help reduce traffic, make transit more viable, make it safer to walk and bike in the city,” Hoff said.

Michael Schneider, founder of Streets for All, took Spectrum News to West Adams, where the city’s mobility plan was implemented by adding cross walks and bike lanes after the road was repaved.

“They repave a few hundred miles of streets every year. Half of those streets are on the mobility plan, so it will dramatically speed it up,” Schneider said.

Since 2015, upgrades were only seen in 95 out of 3,137 miles, which is only over 3% in more than six years, according to the LA Times. The Healthy Streets LA measure will keep the city accountable for an initiative they were already supposed to be doing, Schneider said.

“Our polling shows that two-thirds of Angelenos would vote for it,” he said.

As Hoff continues to reach out to the community, she said this will impact everyone, making the air cleaner, the streets safer and offering more options to get around the city.

They need 65,000 signatures to get this measure on the November ballot. For more information, visit their website.