After the pandemic changed the world as we know it, many experts have stated that there is no going back to the way things were before.

So how do we move forward?

These are questions everyone is asking… and Spectrum News 1 followed the path to the answers for next year and beyond, in a new documentary, Vision 2021: Future of SoCal.

As told through stories of our local residents — such as a restaurant owner struggling to keep the doors open, a super commuter’s new commute, and a musician still attempting to perform — Vision 2021 explores the expectations behind the “new normal," as residents and businesses reimagine what lies ahead for our communities.

The sports and entertainment world was not exempt from the upheaval we experienced in 2020.

Los Angeles Lakers superstars Anthony Davis and LeBron James, as well as Lakers legend James Worthy; along with Olympic medalist and LA28 executive, Janet Evans all weigh in about what to expect in sports this year and in the coming decade.

In addition, thought-leaders across the county share their valuable insight on tackling issues including, housing, transportation, employment, and climate change, all of which are demand that communities rethink the topics of tomorrow, today.