NORTH CAROLINA – College campuses and college education will look different this fall as students and schools grapple with Covid 19.

We gathered a group of students heading back to school to see how they are feeling about going back to school.

Our focus group:

  • Aniyah Sneed: NC A&T Sophomore – Major: Chemistry.
  • Steven Beecher: UNCC Sophomore – Major: Finance.
  • Kennedy Byrd: UNC-CH Junior – Major: Broadcast Journalism
  • Jacob Smith: UNCW Sophomore – Major: Criminology
  • Baily Patterson: UNC-CH Senior – Major: Biology

There was a common theme throughout our conversation: excitement.

“I'm slightly excited to get back to some form of normalcy and being around friends,” says Aniyah.

But that excitement is mixed with some apprehension.

And plenty of preparation for the upcoming year.

“I was just out shopping for my apartment earlier today and mom grabbed like four hand sanitizer things and two things of masks,” says Kennedy Byrd. “And she said they are staying at the front door and anybody is coming in your'e providing it

This group discusses everything from online learning to what will happen if there is an outbreak at their school will be on their mind this year.