So you want to have a fantastic summer but boy this "covid thing." I know!

So don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. In this Virtually Rick,  we'll dive into how you can enjoy yourself as much as you can whilst keeping an eye on the risks of summer fun.

Unfortunately, zero-risk just doesn’t exist at the moment. So you'll want to evaluate how risky you think it’s going to be. Experts say the best way to assess the risk of going out is to remember this: “Time, Space, People, Place."

Which means: 

The more TIME you spend 

And the closer in SPACE you are

With PEOPLE who might be infected 

In the PLACE where you are with them . . . determines how much RISK you are taking.

So if you’re going out spend less time in one area. Choose a bigger space. Make sure you keep your distance from people - even if they’re friends. And make sure the place is outdoors.

So here are your summer risks, high to low, super quick.

High Risk

Are nightclubs, crowds, bars, dancing: people are breathing in and out harder. You can dance at home or distanced outside instead.

The last thing you should do is be in a small box with 100’s of people up close for hours where alcohol impairs judgment which will impact simple things like hand cleaning or . . . touching. 

Experts say religious services indoors can also unfortunately be a significant risk - singing can be a problem - projecting air and droplets from your mouth. The solution is: people are distanced, numbers are small and people wear masks and maybe choose to do it outside. Much better! 

Medium Risk

Weddings with big groups. Outdoors sure, but it's still going to be hard to social distance. The temptation is too great for families to cross the line or hug because of emotions and alcohol.

Haircuts are also medium risk. This is close quarters, they’re breathing very close to you. If you both wear masks then good. Get in. Get out. 

Restaurants indoors are medium risk, we want to take our time so there’s longer risk for exposure. Get outdoor seating, maybe go with the members of your household to reduce risk yet more. 

Low Risk

Meeting up with pals for a gathering outdoors in an open space, keeping socially distanced. Take your own food and drink so you don’t have to share. 

Or, a day at the pool or beach. 

Most experts agree you can’t get Covid-19 from the water because the solution to pollution is dilution! But social distance both on the beach and in the water. Beaches are better because the spaces are bigger. Pools can mean kids get really close..

Public Restrooms? Depends how clean they are but generally the risk is low. Don’t wait in a close line and obviously wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Letting your friend use your bathroom is low risk too, just make sure you clean it afterward!

So there you have it. Before you leave home ask yourself if you’re prepared and remember: TIME, SPACE, PEOPLE, PLACE. It could help turn a sucky summer into one of the best you’ve ever had!