GARDENA, Calif. –One parking lot in Gardena turned into a hiring hot-spot Wednesday.

Shanpria Lewis only has part-time work right now. She needs something more substantial so she attended the drive-by interview event held by Allied Universal Security.

What You Need To Know

  • Company held drive-through hiring event in Gardena

  • Applicants could also choose virtual interviews

  • One applicant left with a job offer

  • Another was still waiting to hear

“We got bills to pay. Things don’t stop moving just because the COVID here. Everything is still functioning. We just gotta come out with different ways to get the money for it now,” said Lewis.

Before the event started Allied Universal Security had hundreds of spots to fill at locations in Downtown Los Angeles, West L.A., Burbank, and Gardena. Some of the jobs are in Human Resources and Information Technology. Many are security guard positions.

A company spokeswoman says many hospitals and even shuttered businesses are looking to hire their services.

Even though applicants could choose to do a virtual interview, Lewis wanted to come in person.

“Cause every time you try to do it virtually it’s like you never get a call, so it’s better to come in person and actually get to talk to somebody then see what the problems going on and hopefully get the job,” said Lewis.

Xristian McClarity is an unemployed veteran and a job applicant. He has an 8-year-old daughter.

“I’m willing to try anything. I done been through the worst case scenario,” said McClarity.

He came looking for an unarmed security guard job in Downtown L.A. and he got it.

“Am I worried about getting sick? At this point I’m more so worried about livelihood. You know if I got sick, OK, I can understand that, but I got sick for a purpose of trying to secure family and economic gain I guess,” said McClarity.

Lewis left with not so good news: no job offer yet.