LOS ANGELES  – Quiet and empty, without a customer in sight is not what Melissa Kim was hoping for when creating her new restaurant Attitude.

“We were hoping to have the seats filled, the patio filled, and warmness all throughout, but now we have to stay six feet apart. We have to wear gloves. We have to wear masks. It’s just a completely different environment,” said Kim.

The neighborhood cafe opened March 18, just one day before the safer at home orders went into effect, but the team continued to push on.



“We said, ‘Let’s just do it. Let’s open. Let’s be the place where people can come over still and have some good food and be here to support them,’” said Kim.

Attitude is meant to be a community watering hole. It is right next door to a hotel and near homes and apartment complexes.

“Like a Cheers bar where everyone knows your name,” said Kim.

But it is hard to get the word out, when potential customers are staying at home and are not venturing to try new places.

“We said if we can survive this we can survive anything,” said Kim.

Kim already hired her staff, which was another reason they decided to open their doors. General Manager James Hill was planning a huge party to introduce Attitude to the neighborhood.

“We didn’t get to have the grand opening we wanted, but like I said, I am invested in the restaurant. This is my family here that I work with and I believe in our vision and our brand and I thought we should keep things moving,” said Hill.

And keeping things moving they are, with takeout and delivery available. Kim hopes her first restaurant will last the test of time and coronavirus restrictions.


“It’s hard and it’s scary and we hope to be here a year later and longer. But you know, no one knows,” said Kim.

No one knows how long this will last, but the Attitude team wants you to know they are here to serve comfort to the community.

Attitude is open for breakfast and lunch daily. You can find them on major delivery apps or can call them directly.

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