FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – This is not just any friend chicken, it is actually not really chicken at all. It is 100 percent vegan.

“We try to mimic the texture of it and the look of it,” said Lynn Torres, owner of Eat Love.

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Lynn Torres makes her fried chicken from scratch in house at Eat Love. It is actually seitan, a bread-like substance made mostly from gluten. Once it is formed and flowered, it is fried to crispy perfection.

“And then we just throw it in the fryer,” said Torres.

Torres never expected to be selling fried chicken and other vegan cheat meal treats for a living. She actually wasn’t vegan until recently. Her husband was diagnosed with diabetes and they needed to change their diet.


 “I was researching a bunch of different ways to change and somehow fell on a vegan diet and that just changed my life,” said Torres.

Her husband was even able to reverse his diagnoses, but it wasn’t always easy. Torres is a foodie and needed to find a way to make this sustainable, so she went to culinary school to learn the ins and outs of veganism. She loved to cook, but never was professionally trained.

“I didn’t go to school with the mission of creating a restaurant. It wasn’t even a thought at that moment. My thought was, 'How can I bring the food to my husband to keep him on this journey,'" said Torres.

Torres kept testing recipes and sharing with friends. Slowly this turned into pop-up events, then a food truck, now, her first brick and mortar. This whole time, she never thought fried chicken was the answer.

“The chicken just grew. It was a momentum I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t something I ever planned,” said Torres.

When she noticed the popularity, she gave the people what they wanted and made her entire concept fried chicken, with fries and sandwiches too. She even has her beloved take on a Chick-Fil-A sauce.

“I took their sauce and veganized it,” said Torres.

Torres wants to make tasty food, so she can hopefully change one person’s perspective of vegan eating.

“I just want you to enjoy good food, because it’s good food and if along the way you save some animals and the environment and your health, then it’s a win for everybody,” said Torres.

Whether you are vegan or not, enjoy good food at Eat Love located at 17870 Newhope Street. Fountain Valley, CA. 92708.