LOS ANGELES – It seems as if Odessa Christiana has manifested this super attractor bracelet matching her outfit in anticipation of meeting Gabby Bernstein.

"I am really really excited," said Christiana. "I kind of feel like I'm meeting Oprah or somebody."

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She made the drive to L.A. from Palm Springs and was one of the first people in line to see the popular self-help author.

This past year, she's gotten more into the idea of manifesting and the law of attraction, and after some apprehension, signed up for Bernstein's online Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

"Oh my gosh, a couple thousand dollars, do I really need that? I can just read books, or, I have a lot already coming from myself. But then something told me to do it," said Christiana. 

After waiting in line all day, the time has come to enter the building where she picks up her gifts.

She takes a seat in the front row with some new friends she's made and wastes no time writing in her Super Attractor journal.

Then the moment everyone has been waiting for as Bernstein walks out on stage.

According to a report from Research and Markets, the U.S. Self-help industry is predicted to be worth $13 billion by 2022. 

What Bernstein teaches is the experience of having a divine connection to the universe.

"Feeling directed, and guided, and certain, no matter what, even when things aren't working out for you," said Bernstein. "Trust that you are in the right direction, you're on the right path, because you have a certainty and a knowing that the universe has your back. That's what it means to be a Super Attractor." 

Once the lecture is over, Christiana lines up for the book signing.

"I just have goosebumps from one end of me to the next," she said.

She gets her phone ready for a photo with the author, and then it's time to meet her.

"Hi gorgeous," Bernstein said.

"Hi beautiful, thank you for being you," Christiana replies.

She is feeling moved, and energized to tap into her "Super Attractor powers" to manifest what she wants in life.

"I'm ready to just go out and really grab my life in such bigger ways than I even was thinking about," said Christiana.

Using her new-found knowledge to guide her on her spiritual path.