RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. – It’s almost past their bedtime, but Mylene Espinoza and her Girl Scout troop has another mission to complete. This one is serious.

“It feels like we’re all a family and we’re all in it together,” said 14-year-old Mylene.

The girls from Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Troop #871 are placing neon colored index cards that they designed by hand along an overpass bridge above Interstate 215. The girls hope that what they are doing will have the power to change a person’s life if they are planning on ending it.

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“I wrote asking for help is a sign of strength and not a weakness on my card,” said Mylene.

The troop has been working on their cards for the last few weeks and has placed them along busy overpasses. However, the reason why they started making these cards began before they were even born.

For years, many people have attempted suicide or committed suicide by jumping off overpasses.

“When I write these cards, I think about why and how people could end their lives knowing that they have family and friends that really care about them,” said 13-year-old Lynette Castillo.

So far this year, there have been at least six people who have either attempted to commit suicide or died from jumping off an overpass bridge in Riverside County. In order to keep that number from growing, the girls from Troop #871 asked their moms to drive them to different overpasses to spread their cards.

“We’re all together doing it at the same time and we’re all really proud of what we’ve accomplished,” said Mylene.

The girls all promised to follow the Girl Scout Law when they joined their troop. They promised to make the world a better place, to be a sister to each other, and to anyone who might need their help during their darkest days.

Spreading hope and love through these cards are just one of the ways the girls are showing their support for others.

If you or a loved one is feeling distressed, help is available with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Free, confidential support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.