DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Sometimes you want to grab a coffee, do some work, and eat a fresh, made-to-order meal that’s not microwaved. Cafes continue to elevate their menus and Verve Coffee Roasters is the latest to join in.

“I want them to feel like, 'Wow this is a whole new level of café,'” said Chef Maruo Tolentino.

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Verve's new roastery in downtown LA is changing the way we think of a cup of joe and a snack.

Chef Tolentino is bringing his worldly skills to the coffee shop’s kitchen. During his career, he traveled around South East Asia picking up various techniques. This is what drew him to Verve. The people behind the roastery constantly travels the world scouring for the best coffee.

"I kind of had the same approach and philosophy when it comes to cooking and applying that to the kitchen and the techniques we use, so it did match up. It wasn’t too far of a stretch,” said Tolentino.

His cafe' menu is refined and detailed with some dishes being tested for months.

“When you pay attention to all these details, the end result is undeniable. It’s gonna be good,” said Tolentino.

We can’t forget about the coffee. There is a roastery on site and you can order from your typical selections, but Verve also created a signature menu based off of cocktails.

“Our mission behind the program is to really focus on the fact that we can produce these flavor experiences for people that don’t have alcohol in them,” said Joshua Agbayani, signature beverage coordinator.

From tea that tastes like rosé to a take on the old fashioned, have an energetic experience.

“We wanted to showcase the combination of the work they put into the coffee and we wanted to match that on the same side with the food,” says Tolentino.

Enjoy the elevated cafe' at Verve Roastery del Sur located at 500 Mateo Street Los Angeles, CA 90013.