LOS ANGELES -- It may be fall, but who wouldn’t want s’more of this campfire classic? Now you can enjoy everyone's favorite classic summer sweet all year long at Smoreology.

“I try to reimagine what a s'more could really be,” said Noelle Ramirez, owner.

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Torrance native Ramirez was a girl scout her entire childhood, camping all the time.

“For me, I didn’t like camping, but s’mores were always my favorite part,” said Ramirez.

This got her thinking, why do we need to be camping to enjoy the marshmallow treat? So she did some research, as a self-taught baker, she tried at least 20 graham cracker and marshmallow recipes, starting to perfect the homemade s’more. 

“It is traditionally a store-bought product, processed graham crackers, you can taste it when you take a bite. I wanted to create something homemade from scratch. Something that would be unlike any s'more you ever had,” said Ramirez.

She sold these s’mores at various cinema events and catering jobs until she landed her dream spot at Smorgasburg where you'll find them every Sunday. Now, she can sell her unique flavors with bacon, peanut butter, and more every week.

Give yourself s'more summer at Smoreology located in Smorgasburg in ROW DTLA.