NORTHRIDGE, Calif. – There is a necessary bond between trainer and boxer. It starts with good communication and pushing each other to get the best out of their time spent in the ring.

The bond for this pair is even deeper as a father and son combo. It took some time for them to build the bond in the ring, especially for Brandyn Lynch who says it was at first little weird taking a swing at his dad.

“I never wanted to hurt him and it was like I feel like I’m punching too hard, but he’s conditioned he’s in shape he’s fine. And I’m a smaller man than him so I’m not really hurting him like that,” said Brandyn.

For the two of them whatever it takes for Brandyn to eventually reach his goal. He won a fair share of amateur belts, but now fighting as a pro, he is ready for that next big step.

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“These meant a whole lot to me when I was an amateur. You know you’re not getting paid or anything like that. All you have to show for your hard work are these belts. So now going to get my first professional title is going to really really mean something to me,” said Brandyn

The title will also mean a lot to the whole family. Brandyn’s grandfather was a fighter and always encouraged him to become a boxer.  It was also family tradition to sit around and watch the great fights with the whole family, including his uncle Eddie Murphy.

Having a superstar uncle in his corner has always meant a lot

“I love my uncle. I love my entire family. They are all apart of who I am. And they have made me into the person I am today,” said Brandyn.

But now, he is ready to create his own spotlight, which is why every little training detail matters. From jumping rope to shadow boxing.

“The rope is about rhythm. It’s all about rhythm,” said Brandyn’s dad Vernon. “Shadow boxing helps you with your footwork. Your head placement and really seeing how fully to extend the punch.”

The best part of it all for these two is doing it together.

“I thank God that I can, that I have the ability and the time to be there with him and just share this part of the journey,” said Vernon.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way I told him from the very beginning that it was something that I’ve always wanted is to accomplish my dream of becoming a world champion with him by my side,” said Brandyn. 

Their hard work gives Brandyn the fighting chance he needs to win it all.