PASADENA, Calif. – Messages to keep the doors open surround Jefferson Elementary school.

Pasadena parent Mike Farrell had to tell his kindergartener and second grader that their school will close.

“And when that was final and we had to tell them this morning that next year when they come back to school they won’t be coming back to Jefferson, there were a lot of tears at the breakfast table,” said Farrell.

Jefferson is one of three elementary schools the Pasadena Unified Board decided last Thursday night to close at the end of the school year. As Roosevelt and Franklin Elementary schools are also closing the students will be assigned to a new school.

Farrell’s students will now attend Longfellow Elementary, which is actually closer to their house. Despite the new school being convenient, Farrell is worried about overcrowding. Jefferson’s roughly 350 students will join more than 500 students at Longfellow.

“Drop offs are a concern, lunch time is a concern, recess is a concern,” said Farrell.

Many parents feel the decision to close and consolidate the school was rushed by the board, and more decisions are expected. The board will meet again to decide which middle schools need to close.

The board says schools need to close due to declining enrollment and revenue. But as more schools close their doors, Farrell is concerned less residents will want to send their kids to local schools, and won’t trust the district.