SOUTH LOS ANGELES – AMB stands for All Money Business. It is another clothing company founded by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle with one of his best friends and artist Cobby Supreme.

“I met Nip when he was about 14 years old on Crenshaw and Slauson. Pulled into the gas station. He was selling CD’s. A few years later we were in the studio together and we locked up like this and we just never parted,” Cobby said.

The AMB store is located right on Crenshaw Boulevard, about a mile away from Nipsey’s famous Marathon store lot. In fact, both AMB and Cobby were mentioned on Nipsey’s Grammy nominated album, “victory Lap.”

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"AMB, we L.A., trying to eat, we the way... This used to be a dream we would chase. I know J. Stone and Cobby Supreme could relate,” is a snippet from Nipsey on the album.

Cobby says AMB isn’t just about clothes. It’s a celebration of culture. Together they shared a fearless vision to be grow beyond the shackles of neighborhood stereotypes.

“For AMB and All Money In was able to be like do something different, just be great. Cause we come at a place out of the neighborhood to where it’s like a crab in a bucket. Most people don’t make it out. So if you make it out you different,” Cobby said.

They also shared a love of fashion and music, wanting to pattern themselves like previous artists who grew to become business moguls.

“We watched Jay-Z. We watched Puffy. While they were perusing the music, they also dibbled in fashion. So you know we were following what the masters did,” said Cobby.

Their bond can be seen through Nipsey’s work both in life and now in death, as Cobby is carrying the mantle forward with the clothing store

“I did it with him and I’ll do it as he is with the Lord,” said Cobby.

Even though Cobby is now without his friend and partner of almost 20 years he is determined to cross the finish line of the marathon Nipsey started.