BURBANK, Calif. – The talk radio AM airwaves are known to always have something to talk about and Wednesday's Morning Answer with Brian and Jen on AM870 The Answer had no dead air regarding the news of the impeachment inquiry opened by House Speak Pelosi on Tuesday. 

"As much as we can talk about who wins or who loses, the American people are the ones I think who lose Brian," said host, Jennifer Horn. 

The show is unique in that it features two opposing points of view:

Horn is known as the 'Conservative Crusader,' while co-host Brian Whitman provides the liberal perspective. 

"We're proud to feature both sides and we have a lot of humor on this show," said Whitman. "From the conflict, from the political disagreement, comes a lot of great humor. I think it's important in life to know what you don't know." 

And in this time of divisiveness in the country, Horn thinks the secret to having respectful discussions amid disagreements, is not taking politics so personally. 

"If we can step away a little bit and if we can have a spirited conversation and we can hear how the other side thinks and we can kind of form our own opinions based on that it doesn't become a personal attack on Brian if I don't like Nancy Pelosi," Horn said. 

As the morning continues the transcript of President Trump's call with Ukraine is released.

And after their debate, Horn and Whitman take callers to get the pulse of their listeners' feelings on the matter, like one from an independent voter named Bill from Yucaipa. 

"Will the impeachment proceedings benefit Trump or hurt him politically, that's the question go right ahead," asks Whitman. 

"I think it will benefit President Trump, because I think more people will vote for him, and basically," replied the called. "You know the Democrats and Republicans have done very little to support him so."

"Bill's going to vote for him, he's an independent voter who is now going to vote for President Trump because of this," said Horn. 

But as this probe moves forward, Democrats in Southern California will be watching to see how their representatives eventually vote on the issue, and could potentially impact the 2020 election.

"The future of that congressional representative could lie in the balance depending on what their constituents determine about them based on their vote on Trump," Whitman said.

But until then, there will be plenty for this duo to talk about every weekday morning.