WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – What started as a FaceTime call with her favorite rock band turned into an opportunity of a lifetime for Olivia Diaz Ramirez.

She has been a fan of MANA since 1991. The iconic rock band from Jalisco, Mexico formed in 1986 and since then have been selling out venues throughout the world.

In 2012 they broke the record for most ever sold out shows at the Staples Center. Now they are the only act to perform seven shows in one year at the forum since it opened in 2014.

Ramirez started listening to them as a teenager in Calexico.

“I had the cassette tape that I bought, my dad actually bought it for me in 91 at the border, so this was really my first exposure to MANA,” said Ramirez.

A lot has changed in her life since then she graduated from Stanford, became a wife and mother of two and is now the Associate Dean of Administration for the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at University California Los Angeles. But she has always remained a fan, going to over 10-concerts through the years.

“The music is timeless, you can listen to it, be feeling down or be stressed out and you listen to it and it gets you in a really happy mood, at least that’s what it does for me,” said Ramirez.

So during Spectrum News 1’s interview with MANA we introduced them to Ramirez. It didn’t take long for Ramirez to sing them the song that they credit with launching their career back in 1989, “Rayando El Sol.” Soon after, lead singer Fher Olvera joined in and sang with Ramirez.

While the band has been performing for more than three decades they have no plans on stopping now. When asked about rumors the band may stop touring, drummer and songwriter Alex Gonzalez said absolutely not.

“They’ve been trying to break up this band for 25-years, it’s crazy,” said Gonzalez.