LOS ANGELES – Handmade, quality traditional pupusas are served at the VCHOS Truck.

These pupusas are exactly what Wendy Centeno grew up eating and cooking with her family in El Salvador.

“It’s my passion. It’s always been my thing since I’m little,” said Centeno.

She moved to the U.S. 10 years ago and made it her mission to introduce authentic Salvadorian food to the new generation.

"That's why we call it VCHOS. It means 'young people' in El Salvador," Centeno said.

Centeno and her employees are also the young people running this pupuseria on wheels in a new part of the city every day. They make the pupusas to order by hand, using fresh masa.

“You put it in a little ball and then you smash it flat. Then you put it on the grill and in five minutes you have a pupusa,” Centeno said.

You will actually find more than just pupusas on the menu. Dishes range from authentic plates to unique twists.

"It is important to me to bring my cuisine and the dishes I grew up with to the next level," Centeno said.

Pro tip: you must eat the pupusa with your hands.

Track down the VHCHOS Truck and transport yourself right to El Salvador.

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