TORRANCE, Calif. – A brick wall adjacent to one of Torrance's newly opened boutique hotels is the home to an artist’s latest depiction of South Bay history.

The mural came at the request of Neera Chanani, CEO of the Bluestem Hotel in Torrance.

“I had this massive 180-foot wall and [I thought] what am I going to do with it? We came up with tons of ideas of what we can put on it and ultimately we wanted it to tell a story,” Chanani said.

The scenic mural ultimately showcased local wildlife, the area’s coastal landscape, more than 142 hand-painted landmarks, and historical illusions designed to make visitors take an extra look at what Torrance has to offer.

“There’s all these cool little pieces inside the bottom here. And I feel like you can take a look and say I’ve been there, I’ve been there. I’ve seen that,” mural artist Traci C. Adams of The Dream Painter Wall Murals said.

It took Adams five weeks to paint the mural that features depictions hidden within the art itself. She calls it her “tattoo style.”

“I started to try to incorporate that sketching into my murals so I started adding it in, I call it the tattoo. Where I have something that you see but really, it has a lot of small things, a lot of drawings on it,” Adams said.

It’s a snapshot of nature the South Bay has to offer and a perfect touch to sharing the area’s history with hotel guests as they visit the area.

Chanani and Adams hope the mural will inspire visitors and the community to explore and discover more of what the city has to offer.

The Bluestem Hotel Mural can be seen along the brick wall within the hotel's parking lot located at 2448 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501.

The Bluestem Hotel in Torrance has a new mural with some hidden gems. (Spectrum News)
The Bluestem Hotel in Torrance has a new mural with some hidden gems. (Spectrum News)