LOS FELIZ, Calif. – Grabbing a cocktail at a bar or restaurant is a way for some to relax, but now you can actually give back while you kick back.

The bar director of Messhall Kitchen, Spencer Recor, decided to bring something new to the bar world. He combined his passion for mixology and animals by creating the cocktails for a cause program. Every drink you buy, money goes to an endangered species.

“I realized they weren’t doing that well,” says Recor.

After working in pet stores and breeding various reptiles, Recor learned a lot about different animals and noticed they needed more help. He created seven cocktails at Messhall Kitchen that are dedicated to seven different species. He says he chose ones that are struggling or that help our ecosystem, like the honey bee or coral reefs.

“I saw an opportunity to help out animals that I don’t think have a lot of opportunity to be helped by humans. I went for the little guys on this one," says Recor.

For example, the Hive Mentality cocktail supports the Planet Bee Foundation and the Flying Fox goes to Bat Conservation International.

“I want people to decide where their money is going," says Recor.

Recor crafted the drinks based on what the species ate or even based on their personality. The Fruit Bat eats a lot of fruit so that cocktail is tropical, but the rhino cocktail is bold and strong.

“I think that describes the way the animal itself is in the wild it’s a blundering force of nature and I feel that’s the way the drink is,” says Recor.

Recor wants to keep this program going but with different themes and charities. All you have to do is buy one of the featured cocktails and 5 percent will go to the charity. A delicious way to help the planet at Messhall Kitchen.

Messhall Kitchen is located at 4500 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027.