WATTS, Calif. – A dozen young artists at the Boys and Girls Club in Watts were selected to paint a mural about their community for an inaugural art project.

Art Inspiration 2019 empowered kids to create a mural based on their ideas and feelings about themselves and their community. The Count on Me Foundation connected them with Lionel Milton, a New Orleans based artist who was working on a separate art project in Los Angeles.

“I love working with kids no matter where they are in the world,” Milton said. “It could be New Orleans, my favorite spot, or Los Angeles, another good spot. Or New York, wherever. So wherever a plane or train will take me, has cool kids, has colorful paint, I’m down.”

Milton is a world renowned artist known for creating vibrant art pieces for galleries and company brands. He connected with the Count On Me Foundation and wanted to work with young artists in the area.

“This is the best example for me of ignorance is bliss,” Milton said. “I don’t want to know any different than helping out and using my creativity…it’s a gift I have, I enjoy my gift, I have tons of fun with it, I share it.”

Milton spent the week encouraging the young artists to dream and draw. The kids sketched their ideas and then he helped bring them to life.

Now their vision is on display for everyone to see.