ENCINO, Calif. — Debbie Sabah has come a long way from the one-bed she rented in Santa Monica in the early 80s, though she remembers that time fondly. 

"Our rent was $375 a month," she said with a laugh. 

She and her husband now live in Encino, having seen their three children graduate from college and become young adults. In fact it was their eldest son who first told them about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. 

"And I was like, 'Who?!' So that was really amazing, to really have a role reversal because in the past, I always felt like we were telling them our opinions or how politics work, and now here we are getting an education from them," Sabah said.

She's thinking about this election from her millennial children’s perspective, and from a global perspective too — her broad worldview is one of the reasons she works as a travel agent in Woodland Hills. But when it comes to her politics, she describes herself as “undeclared” — a fact best illustrated by her votes for John McCain, and then Barack Obama, and then Hillary Clinton.

"I really feel like I just look at the issues and see what speaks to me and who the best candidate is for our time and go by that," she said.

Sabah’s bringing an open mind to the 2020 Democratic debates to see which candidate draws her in. While the past four years haven’t changed her personal life, she said she's more stressed.

"A little bit more tense, worried, and concerned, and aware, and want to be more engaged than ever," she said.

Far from her carefree Santa Monica days, Sabah is an undecided voter eager to declare.