SOUTH GATE, Calif. – A new device invented by a 13-year-old is preventing pets from pooping on lawns.

The device has a camera on it that detects dogs. When it identifies a dog it puts out a very high pitched sound to get them to move so they don’t poop on lawns.

Noah De La Paz was 12 years old when he came up with the idea for Shoo. He was tired of cleaning up strangers’ dog poop on his family’s lawn.

“It just felt awesome to see my product actually solving the problem that I had,” said Noah.

Jose De La Paz, Noah’s father, helped him compete in the Artificial Intelligence World Championship.

Together the father and son took a series of classes hosted by the nonprofit Iridescent. They learned how to turn their idea into an actual product. Then they submitted a video pitch.

Out of thousands of competitors across the globe Noah was invited to pitch his idea in person in Silicon Valley. Noah ended up taking home one of the highest honors, the technology award.

“I could never have done what he did at 12 so I was proud of him,” said Jose.

The prototype’s lens can see up to 20 feet away and covers a space 20 feet wide. Noah wants to sell Shoo devices eventually at around $200.

Noah was also recognized by the city of South Gate for his invention.