WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Everyday on her way to work, Kanchan Singh thanks her lucky stars. 

“I can’t think of a job that’s better and I’m a very imaginative person,” Singh told Spectrum News 1. 

Singh clocks up to 60 hours a week and her commute is a killer. But none of that matters.

“Your body can be tired and your brain can be tired but inside you, you sort of just feel warm and fuzzy,” she said. 

That’s because Singh spends her days in a room packed with adorable, fluffy, impossibly cute cats. 

Five years ago, Singh left her high-paying consulting gig and opened a cat cafe chain called Crumbs & Whiskers at Melrose and Fairfax avenues. For $35 people can spend 70 minutes playing with a bunch of cats, maybe even take one home. 

So far, Singh has found forever homes for more than a thousand cats from nearby shelters. But these days, her cafe on Melrose has something different on the menu — for the next few months it’s kittens only.

Spring marks the beginning of what’s known as kitten season, a time of year when shelters are overflowing with unwanted little kittens. So Singh found homes for her all her adult cats and made room for 25 tiny felines. The customers can’t seem to get enough of them. 

Stacey Doubblestein is here to cash in her Mother’s Day gift. She has no intention of adopting, but these kittens can be hard to resist.

“After you spend a little time here, you might change your mind,” Doubblestein said.

Changing minds and hearts, and giving these cats a chance at all nine lives. 

For more information, visit the Crumbs & Whiskers website.