LOS ANGELES – Mornings in the Lee household always start the same, with coffee and American mugs.

“I’m hugely patriotic,” says head of the household Susie Brook Lee “I believe we live in the best country in the world and I have all the faith that we can maintain that stand.”

To do that, Lee has voted in every election since Ronald Reagan.

“It’s what makes our country great we do have a say, we absolutely have a say and you can’t be lazy about it and not vote and then complain,” said Lee.

As Lee got older and became a single mother of two, her priorities have shifted.

“In this decade of my life, I have completely different issues that I’m concerned with. I’m concerned with our medical situation; what we’re going to do about healthcare.  I’m concerned about education, I have two school age kids, one that is getting ready to go off to college in two years, one that is just starting high school,” said Lee.

She grew up in Colorado and moved to Southern California after college. She mostly works from her Rancho Palos Verdes home as the executive director of a non-profit, and had the chance to meet President Trump before his candidacy.

“He was funny, he was self-effacing, he was kind,” said Lee.

That was just one of the reasons she decided to vote for him back in 2016.

“I also liked that he wasn’t a career politician that he came from business,” said Lee.

However, since Trump took office Lee is not fully onboard with all of the president’s actions. Although Lee is a registered Republican, she might be voting blue, come 2020.

“I’m not 100 percent sold on President Trump for this coming election because I’m really concerned about our global positioning. It seems like we are burning ally relations faster than we are gathering the troops,” said Lee.

Diplomacy, climate change, and debt, are thing Lee rarely puzzled over until she had children. Now, she is committed to fixing those problems through the ballot box.

“I’ve got hope, and I’m excited, I’m optimistic,” said Lee.

She may not know who will win her vote in 2020, but you can bet she will be the first in line when the polls open.