WASHINGTON, D.C. – Lawmakers gathered at a D.C. conference to encourage young women to run for office. That includes millennial and California freshman Katie Hill.

They talked to women from across the nation, regardless of party affiliation. During her speech, Hill said she didn’t realize she was going to head into politics until she actually did it.

Hill said she wanted to vote for someone who represented her and her non-profit’s beliefs, but says there wasn’t anyone willing to stand up to the incumbent, at the time. So, she did, and she won.

Several other lawmakers spoke at the event saying women can bring representation and a point of view that’s lacking in Congress. Hill said anyone can be the change they want to be for their community.

“The path there is not always clear,” said Hill. “It’s not always something that you’re going to know right now. Whether you know it or not, whether you know what your path is, whether you even have an idea of what it is, you’ll find a way and I know you’re going to change the world… so thank you so much and I can’t wait to change it with you.”

At the event for Ignite, Hill talked about her time with what is now one of the largest non-profits in California. She highlighted herself becoming the first Democrat and woman to represent her district encouraging other women to use their passion and motivation to become influential leaders.