SOUTH LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Vector 90 is back open for business. It’s a workspace in South Los Angeles that's the brainchild of David Gross and late rapper Nipsey Hussle. 

Vector 90 is back open for the first time since the local hero’s death on March 31. 

“On one hand, it feels incredible to have it back open," said Gross. "On another hand, it feels bittersweet cause Nip’s not here to see and be a part of it. Because this was 50/50 -- this was his vision.”

Gross grew up in South L.A. but his perspective changed when he went to live in Texas with his grandmother.

He would eventually go to the best Ivy League schools in the nation and work for companies like Goldman Sachs. Though, he never escaped the problems of south L.A. as his brother served time in prison while another brother, Sean Mackk was murdered. 

But with Gross’ success, he knew the community could be better if they knew better. It’s the same concept which aligned with Hussle's vision. When the two met, they formed a special bond.

“They say a fisherman can always spot another fisherman. So after a couple conversations we kind of clicked and we just starting building together,” Gross said.

The space is just one part of what they were building. A place where entrepreneurs can network, create and more. Garrison Gowens has been a part of Vector 90 since the early days and now he works with new members. His tech company took off with the help of the community incubator. 

“When I started getting into the tech industry, Vector 90 provided me with resources, a network. It gave me an opportunity to really hone in and focus on my business, bring meetings here,” said Gowens. 

For Gross, it’s just the beginning to what he and Nipsey envisioned, building a South Los Angeles filled with pride.

“Historically people have felt the need to move out of a neighborhood like this once they obtained a certain level of success. So the vision is to have this be a place where once people are successful they don’t feel the need to leave,” Gross said. 

But in this marathon, Gross knows the race isn’t to the swift, but rather, it’s about the endurance to see the vision through.