Little squire Noah and his family have been coming to The Children’s Museum at La Habra for years, and not just because it’s fun to draw his sword. 

“He gets to learn as he’s playing and at this age that’s the only way he’s going to keep that learning going, and I think it’s nice to keep those memories going,” Marisa Curiel Garcia said. 

The Garcias are all members of the museum and what they love most is the changing exhibits, as it’s good for their son’s attention span.

“They had a China exhibit, then a little Mexico exhibit and now the knights. They are constantly changing and my son is constantly enjoying and they keep him entertained,” she said. 

Specifically, this summer’s exhibit runs until August 25. The museum’s changing gallery was transformed into a Medieval Castle, complete with drawbridge and towers. It truly takes you back in time. 

Young squires like Noah can dress up and practice their archery and swordsmanship in order to become knights, and then even play the harp in the queen’s room.

In the Throne Room, as they sit on a throne, these little ones learn all about heraldry and coats-of-arms, and see portraits of famous kings and queens of old. And then a stop to the Medieval Kitchen is in order, where visitors can prepare a feast of roasted eel pie for the King’s table, then gather vegetables and honey in the Castle Garden.

The kids take away more than they think they do, slowly remembering the names of all their new favorite things in the castle. 

“It’s nice for us to come here with him because we can come as a family,” Garcia said. 

And they get to happily watch their little squire grow into a knight.