Ask her anything about being a mom, and Jaime King will answer candidly. 

“It’s not a sexy thing to talk about, but it’s an important thing to talk about,” she said. 

We first saw King in a big Hollywood movie with her role as a nurse in Pearl Harbor. Since then, she’s been in hit shows like Hart of Dixie. Now she’s starring in the Netflix hit, Black Summer. While we’ve seen her all over TV, we didn’t always know the struggle that went on behind closed doors. 

“When I was 28, I really started dedicating my life to speaking openly about mothers, what we go through, what it means to get pregnant, what pregnancy looks like, and how it doesn’t look like it does not only in the movies but how it is portrayed in the media,” she said. 

King struggled to get pregnant for seven years. 

“I had severe endometriosis, and I lost 15 pregnancies, and I was a very high-risk patient, and it took me a really long time to have my children,” she said. 

But now, this mom wants to help other moms have the healthiest pregnancies possible. 

“It’s important to me because as a mother of two children, not only did I take these vitamins and still do but there are so many women and children and families who do not have access not only to the medical care they deserve, but the basic nutrition they need when they’re pregnant," she said. 

So she teamed up with Rainbow Light to work with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit that helps pregnant women and new moms get life-changing vitamins in countries all over the world – from the Philippines and the Ivory Coast to Peru. To celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, Vitamin Angels and its founding partner Rainbow light are working together for their first time ever – here, domestically. There will be 25 vitamin drops in underserved communities across the United States, starting with Los Angeles. 

“We always look toward internationally, and internationally is very important, but there are so many people within our country and especially Los Angeles. Our clinics are underfunded, or schools are underfunded,” she said. 

Claris Health, a medical clinic in Inglewood, got the L.A. drop of vitamins. King is boots on the ground with Vitamin Angels. She’s seen its impact with her own eyes.  

“When a woman or a family gets a box of vitamins that they actually need, you have no idea what it feels like because I’ve been there and I’ve seen it when you contribute to somebody’s life,” she said. “The loving that we can give to other people is free. There is no shortage of loving that we can have and be of service to."

And there’s no love like a mother’s love. 

“I always think about Spiderman for some reason, he said with great power comes great responsibility and it’s our choice how we want to use our platforms especially in a world now with social media,” she said. 

You can get involved in helping the non-profit as well. For every bottle of Rainbow Light Women's One and Prenatal One Multivitamins purchased from May 1 to June 30, or a share of the Rainbow Light Shine Your Light campaign on social media, Rainbow Light will donate a portion of the purchase price directly to Vitamin Angels, up to $25,000.