HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. -- Singer/songwriter Veronica Torres, who performs as 'V Torres,' is busy honing her onstage skills and building audiences at local Los Angeles music clubs. Torres likes performing at intimate venues like the Satellite in Silver Lake, but now she is excited to be part of the upcoming first ever BeachLife Music Festival. 

“Oh, it's so wonderful to be part of something bigger,” said Torres. “That's really going to bring the community together.”

Happening in Redondo Beach over the first weekend of May, the festival will bring rising local bands together with legendary acts like the Violent Femmes, Willie Nelson and Brian Wilson. 

Touring and performing can be grueling, and for Torres recharging means spending time in her home community of Hermosa Beach. She says her yoga practice helps sustain her through this new creative period in her life and she loves the close-knit, laid-back feeling of living in a beach community. 

“I can walk down from my apartment and go support five local businesses,” said Torres as she goes through some yoga stretches on Hermosa Beach. “And it's really neat to see all these small creative people coming together.

The Beach Life Festival is a benchmark for Torres. 

“Yeah, I think this will be the biggest show we've played,” she said. “We have Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys, which is just amazing. You know, I get to share a stage with someone who totally started the foundation of the music we listened to. It'll be cool to just see them and hear them and learn from them.”

One of the songs Torres will perform at the festival is Top of The Road, her new single which is about the journey of taking back control your life. 

“Everything that I was doing and building, I kind of completely shifted gears and went back to what I think is my soul's purposes and a lot of my new music is really focused around that,” explained Torres. 

Although she says the rock n’ roll lifestyle can take its toll, Torres knows the beach will always be there for her to recharge.

“Anytime that I needed to get some space or think or regroup, I would just go there to get clarity,” said Torres. “So for me, the beach is such a healing place.”

At the Beach Life Music Festival Torres hopes to spread some of that healing SoCal spirit to her biggest audience yet.