DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Camila visited the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for Good Friday.

She said although the holiday can be somber, she reflects upon the deeper meaning behind it.

“Today is Good Friday, which is the day where Jesus was crucified. So although it marks a sad day in the precise moment of when it occurred, it’s actually a celebration because we celebrate what was done in pure love," she said.

Camila identifies herself as a liberal, cultural Catholic, but she said the holiday isn’t just for her particular denomination.

"Although I was raised Catholic and I love some of the Catholic traditions, I really believe that across all Christianity no matter what denomination you are, we are all brothers and sisters, it’s just one God," she said.

As the congregation gathers for Good Friday service, Camila said it’s been a while since she’s sat in these church pews on a Friday. While she embraces her traditions, she’s had to process some of the controversial acts of the church. She said she’s learned to separate her faith from unjust human actions.

“Even being here today, although it’s a beautiful place, I feel the love of God. I can’t help but be reminded of the terrible things that the church has done. Not being a safe place for children. But the spirit of the church, the true spirit of the church, now I’m not talking about humans, but the true spirit of the church, the true spirit of God, continues to live because that is completely fully rooted in love," she said.

Focused on her own personal relationship with God, she keeps her eyes on the hope of the holiday.