These crushed red pepper flakes are added to this homemade pepper spray…which can be a powerful deterrent if someone is ready to attack you.

“This is what is really gonna burn someone,” said Danielle Radin.

It's something Radin wished she'd had the night someone invaded her home.

“He threatened to kill me with a giant branch he used to break into my house so I basically had to fight for my life,” said Radin.

That was nearly a year ago and she's carried mace with her ever since.

But it wasn’t until she was traveling when she realized that she couldn’t take mace with her on an airplane, because it’s considered a weapon. So she decided to create airplane-safe mace so she could protect herself while helping other women too.

“You know after my own experience, I realized, not only should I sell this to women, but also just raise awareness that you know, you really need something on you at all times,” said Radin.

All of the ingredients in her mace are all-natural products. Most of them can be found in your average kitchen. The first ingredient is olive oil.

“And you don’t want to put in too much because it won’t be able to get through the spray bottle," said Radin. "Just enough so that it sticks to the person’s face.”

Another key ingredient is cayenne pepper, which helps to block an attacker’s vision. Chili flakes and crushed red pepper bring added sting to the mixture.

“The person who’s attacking you can’t breathe either,” said Radin.

Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice round out the mixture, which is then left to ferment for eight hours.

Once that's complete, the chili flakes are strained out and the liquid is put into the discreet spray bottle.

“Less than 4 ounces, per TSA requirements,” said Radin.

She designed Mace For Women to be safe enough to carry onto a plane. Her hope is that it brings women an added sense of security when they travel.

She’s also grateful for getting a second chance at life and the opportunity to help others that could face the same danger that she did.

“You have the power to protect yourself as long as you have the resources in the moment to do it,” she said.